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Fashion Television launches new channel in Farsi

BEIRUT | - February 01, 2017, 14h31
A screenshot from Fashion Television website

Delivering fashion content from all over the world to audiences throughout Europe since 1999, Fashion Television is launching its new linear satellite channel in Farsi, broadcasting into the Middle East and Europe -- localized for audiences in the region to access its popular programming 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. 

London-based "Fashion Television International Limited" chose Hotbird at orbital position 13.0°E with a footprint covering Europe and the Middle East including Iran.

Fashion Television was acquired by the Fashion One network in 2015, and is considered the leading authority on fashion and lifestyle. Broadcasting internationally, Fashion Television is a 24-hour English language fashion channel dedicated to all things creative and stylish, and delivers a daily dose of international designer collections, high fashion photoshoots and an inside look at the industries of fashion and design.

New York based parent Fashion One LLC., operator of the leading fashion television network “Fashion One”, has been granted the license issued by the U.S. Department of the Treasury, allowing it to broadcast. It is the first international television network dedicated to a Farsi audience since the United States entered into the “Comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear program” in Lauseanne, with opened the path to lifting some of the sanctions imposed by the United States.

Fashion Television caters to local fashionable and stylish audiences with content covering the very latest fashion, entertainment, lifestyle news and events. A strong portfolio of original programmes, designers, stylists and models from the region are also featured in the channel's schedule.

"With Farsi being one of the important languages in the region, the channel will fully localized in Farsi to cater to the local audience," says Gleb Livshitz, Fashion Television's Chief Operation Officer.

"For years we have received a significant amount of feedback from Iranians living in the MENA region about our English language channel FASHION ONE" while it was broadcasting Free-to-Air on Hotbird. Fashion One ended its broadcast Free-to-Air as a move to an all Pay TV channel.

The company has also finalized a licensing agreement with Iranian artist Radio Javan, allowing it to use the songs of top Iranian artists alongside its exclusive fashion programming -- which includes top fashion weeks from New York, London, Paris and Milan.

The channel will debut with fashion-packed reality competition series Design Genius Season 3 and showcase fashion industry's best model agencies on Agencies Season 2.

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