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9 different boats out there, which one is for you?

BEIRUT | - January 22, 2017, 13h46
Joanna Achkar
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You want to go sailing but have no idea which boat is the best choice for you? Here is a list of the different kind of sailing boats you will most likely have to choose from. Learn which suits your skills best!

Dinghy- Beginner

A dinghy is small sailing boat that can be sailed by one or two people. They are generally from 2 to 6 meters.
A dinghy is usually for beginners. It is a good way to learn how to sail. Everything in the boat is very simple. It responds quickly to movements and adjustments, so you don’t have to make much effort to adjust your own movements, the boat react immediately.
As a beginner, it is better to start with a dinghy which is fairly stable and simple, and as you improve you might want to progress to a higher performance boat.
A dinghy is definitely the quickest way to learn sailing skills.

Keelboats- Intermediate

First of all, a keel is an extension on the bottom of the boat that provides stability. This boat is larger than the dinghy and usually kept in a marina. They are more stable than dinghies. They are designed for navigation of rivers, lakes and canals.

Sail Cruisers- Family Cruising

Medium to large boats, sail cruisers are often called yachts. They have a sleeping accommodation, a kitchen and a toilet. They are made for over-night trips or for extended period of time trips that require a living on board situation.
These types of boats are usually used for yacht racings. They are around 7 to 15 meters length and come in many different designs.

Trailer Sailor- Exciting performances

It is a small yacht or large dinghy style boat specially made for sailing on inshore waters, rivers or large lakes.
Sports boats are a version of trailer sailor for those who wish to do some thrilling performance.
The trailer sailor crew is usually made up of 3 to 4 members for racing.
Boats with accommodation and a toilet are more suited for over night trips.

Powerboat- Relaxing times

A powerboat is a boat powered by an engine. You can find these kinds of boats in all shapes, sizes and designs. Some are made for short trips and some are made for overnights. They are called motor cruiser if they are large and contain accommodations.
Powerboats are great to go fishing and cruising.

Motor Cruiser- Living on board

If you enjoy living on board, then this is the right boat for you. Accommodations, kitchen and toilets are usually built in. Some are made for overnights; others are made for long trips of over hundreds of miles.

Multihulls- Sail away

picture by EvrenKalinbacak /

These boats are usually referred to as catamarans and trimarans. Both come in all shapes and sizes. They are light weighted and fast so they give you a thrilling feeling when you sail them. Even though they are more stable than dinghies, they sail faster and require different sailing techniques.

Kiteboard- Watersports

A kiteboard is just like a wakeboars, it has a board and large controllable kite to move across the water. There are many kiteboarding style sports such as freestyle, freeride, downriders, wakestyle wave-riding which is kite surfing on big waves using a directional board similar to a surfboard.

Windsurfer- Thrilling watersports

Windsurfing is a water sport that combines surfing and sailing. The winder surfer is a 2 to 3 meters long board attached to a rig.

Choose the boat or board that suits you, and sail away!

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